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Need Convenient In Home Dog Training?

Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers come to your home when it’s most convenient for you, even while you’re at work. We train your dog for you, or with you, your choice. Then we give you the knowledge to continue your dog’s great behavior. Our trainers start your puppy on the path to perfect manners and socialibility. We use the most effective, scientifically proven and positive methods.

Serious Dog Behavior Problems?

We are veterinarian recommended for tough dog training cases. If you are having more serious behavior problems like aggression, biting, severe anxiety or fear, we have the right experts to help you with a solution!

Looking for the best dog training classes?

Ours are different! Our innovative classes ensure that you see real world results in your dog’s behavior outside of the classroom. Overseen by a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, taught by highly qualified professionals, they are the only such classes in the Pacific Northwest!.

Need Expert Animal Behavior Services?

We consult with Veterinarians to help them set up offices for less stress on pets, offer objective evaluations of “dangerous” dogs and have experienced Legal Witnesses available if a you need a professional opinion in court.

Companion Animal Solutions is where you are in the Pacific Northwest

Bringing you the best Dog Training and Behavior help from Bellingham to Olympia including Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland, Bellevue and Redmond.

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What Our Clients Say

I just wanted to tell you how much of a difference I have seen in Watson already. We saw a big yellow lab last night he usually barks at. I “clicked” and his head FLEW around for a treat. He kept looking and I kept clicking and treating – even after the other dog was out of sight. Not only was it less stressful for me, Watson seemed to be much more at ease, too. Usually when he sees a dog he tries to follow it and does not want to head home. Last night he was totally fine leaving the other dog behind. Thank you so much for your help. I will be sending other people your way for sure!K.L. - Seattle


I’m so excited to tell you that my cat has been 40 days without a biting incident! She now regularly socializes with me and my friends. She has so much returned to her former self, and is even cuddlier than before! Thank you so much for bringing my cat back to me!S.R., Seattle
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Dog Training

Do you wish that your dog could be trained by a professional? Have you ever wondered why you just can’t get your dog trained without having to find time to do it?
Our Certified Professional Dog Trainers can train your dog for you or with you!

Dog Behavior Consultation

Are you feeling concerned, preoccupied, or overwhelmed by your dog’s behavior? Is he Fearful, Aggressive, Anxious? Maybe you’re not sure if he’s normal… or safe.

You’d like to understand why he’s doing it and how to make it better

Cat Behavior Consultation

Is your life being complicated by cat behavior problems? Do you see all the dog trainers out there and wonder if there’s anyone qualified to help you with your cat’s issues?

Our Animal Behavior Consultants are cat behavior problem experts!

Bird Behavior Consultation

Is your life being complicated by bird behavior problems? Do you wonder if there’s anyone qualified to help you with your bird’s issues?

We have bird behavior problem experts to help you!

Puppy Head Start Training

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by your new puppy? Is this your first time raising a puppy or has it been years since you raised a puppy?

Our behavior consultants will get your puppy off on the right paw!

Kids and Dogs

Are you expecting a baby and wondering how you’ll manage your dog and your new arrival? Have you survived with a baby and dog but now your baby is a toddler and everything has changed?

Our Kids and Dogs consultations can help!

Get the best for your pet

Bringing you the best Dog Training and Behavior help from Bellingham to Olympia including Seattle, Tacoma, Kirkland, Bellevue and Redmond.

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Does your dog whine, bark, or lunge on leash around other dogs, passing cars, skateboards, cats, or squirrels?

We will systematically counter condition your dog’s reaction to being around other dogs on leash.

Do you have a new dog? Or maybe you have a dog that you just wish had better manners?

Our Real World Manners will teach your dog good manners so they are a pleasure to be around!

Has your dog gone from obedient puppy to challenging adolescent? Do you need help getting your dog to pay attention and behave?

Our Tame Your Teen class is designed to help you build your relationship with your dog!

Have you wondered if you dog would like agility activities? Do you prefer laid back fun to competition?

Our Fun-gility class is the perfect first agility class for your active dog!

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 Bringing you the best Dog Training and Behavior help in Seattle and Kirkland.


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